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Will Fox Sports Hire Paul Pierce? ESPN Fires Paul Pierce For IG Live Video

The inevitability has finally come to fruition. ESPN fired Paul Pierce after the IG live video that leaked by his own doing. In the past Paul Pierce seemed like the ultra professional. On TV he wore glasses and suits, and seemed like a new version of Stephen A Smith.

However, Paul Pierce’s IG Live video may have changed all of that. Paul Pierce smoking a marijuana blunt during this footage also added to the controversy. It’s not clear if ESPN fired Paul Pierce for smoking on camera or because of the strippers in the video. Some people are now wondering if Fox Sports Network will hire Paul Pierce.

ESPN Fires Paul Pierce For IG Live Stripper Session and Smoking Marijuana Video. Paul Pierce fired by ESPN. Will Fox Sports Hire Paul Pierce?
Paul Pierce IG Live stripper video. Paul Pierce smoking marijuana blunt

When the video first went viral, a lot of people were wondering how awkward it would be at work for him with his colleagues knowing what happened on his IG live. People were most worried about how uncomfortable Rachel Nichols might feel around him considering they work together the most on TV.

It appears they won’t have to worry about that no longer, because Paul Pierce is now unemployed. Most likely he doesn’t care, because he is set for life anyway. In fact it’s possible he went on IG live so he could get fired. He was looking very tired over the past few weeks, and was probably fed up with having to work after retiring from the NBA. Those bags and dark circles under his eyes were more than noticeable.

Also in his reaction to the firing he hinted that he was starting a new podcast while smiling, which means this could all have been an orchestrated publicity stunt to purposely get fired.

Do you think Fox Sports Network will hire Paul Pierce? It would bring them so much publicity, and they are known for hiring people who leave ESPN. Perhaps he could be the third member of Undisputed.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff