There’s an old saying that says “be careful what you wish for”, and some people learn it the hard way. Dan Henderson kicked his daughter’s boyfriend in the leg after he asked him to do it. The look of pain on his face afterwards showed that he instantly knew he made a huge mistake.

Dan Henderson kicked his daughter’s boyfriend so hard it sounded like an axe chopping through wood. Take a look and try not to laugh at his pain.

The song playing in the background said “I hurt myself”, which accurately describes the situation. The reaction from his girlfriend shows that even she knew the worst was about to happen. Someone said “at least kick him the muscle”, but everyone knows how painful it is to a direct hit to your lower thigh.

This will likely be the last time boyfriend of Dan Henderson’s daughter asks to be kicked in the leg by a UFC Legend. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Author: JordanThrilla

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