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Shaq Says Draymond Green Doesn’t Need Counseling and Calls Out Media for Labeling Him as Mentally Ill

Shaquille O’Neal, the legendary NBA center and analyst for Inside the NBA, has come to the defense of Draymond Green, the star forward for the Golden State Warriors, who has been facing criticism and scrutiny for his on-court behavior and flagrant fouls. Shaq’s reaction to Draymond Green’s suspension is now going viral, because it goes completely against the narrative the media has tried to portray.

Why Did Shaq Say Draymond Green Doesn’t Need Mental Help Counseling

O’Neal, who is known for his outspoken and humorous personality, sounded serious and stern as he told his co-hosts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson not to interrupt him as he expressed his opinion on Green’s situation. It started one of the most heated Inside the NBA arguments ever.

O’Neal made a great point when he argued that Green does not need counseling or mental help, as some have suggested, for the few flagrant fouls he committed on the basketball court while playing the role of being an enforcer. He said that the NBA media is wrong to label Green as someone who has issues off the court, which is not the case.

He pointed out that Green has never had any serious off-court problems throughout his entire career, and that he is a valuable and versatile player for his team.

O’Neal also questioned why Green should be labeled mentally ill for his physical and emotional style of play, when other players have done worse things in the past and present. He expressed that Green is not the first or the last player to get into altercations or heated exchanges with opponents or referees, and that it is part of the game when you are playing that role.

The most recent incident that sparked the controversy was when Green hit Jusuf Nurkic, the center for the Portland Trail Blazers, in the face with his arm during a flopping motion, something that happens frequently in basketball.

Draymond Green was adamant that it was an accidental hit made while he was flopping to sell the call of Nurkic grabbing his jersey. He even agreed with it being a flagrant 2 foul, and said he apologized to Nurkic.

NBA players inadvertently hit other players while flopping on a regular basis, so he probably didn’t expect the fallout the alleged accident would cause.

Nurkic later said “that brother need help”, implying that Green has mental issues. This led to waves of memes and jokes about Green’s mental health on social media.

Is Shaq Right About Draymond Green Not Needing Counseling?

O’Neal is the first celebrity media member to challenge this narrative that Draymond Green is mentally ill, and point out how sketchy and unfair this situation is. Shaq makes a good point by implying that the media is trying to make Green look crazy, when he is not. It is definitely an uncomfortable situation considering Green is a black man who is being portrayed as mentally ill by the predominantly white sports media.

Could you imagine if people were calling you mentally ill in need of counseling, because of a few flagrant fouls while playing basketball over the span of 12 years? Maybe Shaq is on to something.

Unfortunately for Draymond that ‘in need of counseling’ label that the media has bestowed upon him will likely follow him even after his playing days are over. This is why it’s actually arguable that the NBA media went to far by deciding they would publicly say Green needs mental help.

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