During is NBA days Michael Jordan was a master at pristine footwork on the basketball court. The way he danced around the court with ball in his hand was truly a sight to behold even during his Wizards days when he was close to final retirement. In his life after basketball the world has learned that Michael Jordan has some serious dance moves. He proved that once again in a recent wedding video going viral.

Michael Jordan Dancing with Old White Grandma at Wedding to Michael Jackson Music Goes Viral

Recently Michael Jordan was the most famous special guest at wedding in Lake Como, and he was seriously getting down to music from another legend who also shares the same MJ initials. In the viral wedding footage Michael Jordan danced with an old white lady while Michael Jackson music was playing the background.

The way Michael Jordan was moving made it seem like he was a young man again in that moment. It’s clear he’s living his best life at 59 years old.

Who Was the Old White Lady Dancing with Michael Jordan at Wedding?

While her name is unknown it has been confirmed that the old white lady dancing with Michael Jordan was the grandma of one of the spouses getting married. That’s going to be a special moment she remembers for the rest of her life. She danced with the second greatest player of all time.

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