The tumultuous Kyrie Irving saga in Brooklyn just took another strange turn. A maskless Kyrie Irving was caught at a birthday party with his sister Asia breaking COVID-19 protocol after abandoning the NETS and going “off the grid”.

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When it was announced that Kyrie was out again for Nets vs Nuggets people were wondering what really was going with Kyrie. It was rumored he was out due to the events that took place at the Capitol Building and Jacob Blake ruling, but then three games passed he still wasn’t back in the lineup. Then today a new report said Kyrie was “off the grid”, and no one knew where he was. Then this video below surfaces of Kyrie Irving without a mask on at a birthday party with his sister Asia looking happier than ever.

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Now people are wondering what the hell is really going with Kyrie Irving? What is the real reason he has seemingly abandoned Kevin Durant and the NETS?

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

The most glaring thing about this birthday party video is that Kyrie Irving is at large gathering without a mask on. This means even if he wanted to return to the NETS he would have to go through the quarantine process, which can last up to two weeks. This could mean Kyrie Irving isn’t planning to return to the NETS anytime soon, so he felt no need to wear a mask at the party.

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When we wrote an article in 2019 predicting that Kyrie Irving NETS era would be a disaster, even we didn’t know it would get this bad. Kyrie Irving has taken the basketball term “Team Cancer” to a whole new level. In the two years he has been with NETS Kyrie Irving has only played a total of 27 games, but has caused 10 years worth of distractions.

Author: JordanThrilla

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