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PJ Tucker Calls Kevin Durant His “Brother” After Locking Him Up in Game 6 Bucks Wire-to-Wire Win Over Nets

From the outside looking in most people thought PJ Tucker and KD had beef with each other. There was the moment where they almost had a fight, Kevin Durant’s security guard hitting him in the back, along with all the other physical moments. However, off the court it seems to be the opposite of what people think.

During his postgame interview PJ Tucker was asked about his defense on Kevin Durant, after locking him up during a wire-to-wire Bucks win in Game 6 vs Nets. Surprisingly, PJ Tucker called Kevin Durant his “brother”, and explained that he’s been a KD fan since before the NBA and was living his dream by guarding him. He called him the best scorer he’s ever seen. The battles between them on the court is strictly born out of competitiveness, no malice at all or so he claims.

Take look at this sequence from Game 6 of PJ Tucker’s incredible defense on Kevin Durant. At times it’s almost like he knows what KD is going to do before he does it, like they are real brothers.

Here some of his defense from Game 4. PJ Tucker is truly a KD stopper.

Bucks should be feeling really good about themselves going into Game 7. They shot woefully from three point land, and still won easily in wire to wire victory in Game 6. When Jrue Holiday is 1-10 from three, Brook Lopez is 0-3 from three, Pat Connaughton is 0-5 from three, PJ Tucker is 1-5 from three and you still win by double digits, there isn’t much more the other team can do better defensively the next game since Nets lack interior defense. If a three point shooting team, can beat you without making much of their threes you know you’re in a lot of trouble.

There’s high chance Game 7 will be another double digit victory for the Bucks, but anything can happen in the NBA. Nevertheless PJ Tucker calling Kevin Durant his “brother” was a great sports moment.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff