Andrew Wiggins' Wife Cheated? Mychal Johnson Responds To Rumor of Cheating With His Best Friend

The NBA world was shocked when rumors surfaced that Andrew Wiggins, the star forward of the Golden State Warriors, was missing games for personal reasons related to his girlfriend Mychal Johnson cheating on him with his best friend. The rumors, which were unconfirmed and based on anonymous sources, claimed that Wiggins found out about the affair and was devastated by the betrayal.

Andrew Wiggins’ ”Wife” Mychal Johnson Reacts to Cheating Allegations

However, Johnson, who is a former Notre Dame basketball player and a 2018 NCAA champion, took to Twitter to deny the allegations and defend her relationship with Wiggins. In a tweet posted on March 17, she wrote: “literally the farthest thing from the truth. It’s sad ya’ll are even doing this”.

Johnson did not reveal the real reason why Wiggins was still not playing in Warriors games, but her response once again hinted that it was something serious and personal that needed their attention and privacy. It’s clear she wants fans to respect their situation and stop spreading false rumors that could hurt them even more.

Andrew Wiggins' Wife Cheated? Mychal Johnson Responds To Rumor of Cheating With His Best Friend

When Did Andrew Wiggins Meet His Girlfriend Mychal Johnson?

Johnson and Wiggins have been together for nearly a decade, since they met in high school. They have two young daughters, Amyah Mychel and Alayah Milan, who often join them at Warriors games and events. One of their most memorable public moments came when they celebrated Wiggins’ first NBA title with Golden State at the championship parade in San Francisco.

Will Andrew Wiggins return this Season?

While Johnson dismissed the cheating rumors as baseless, she did not offer any clarity on when or if Wiggins would return to action this season. The Warriors have been struggling without their All-Star forward, who averaged 18.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game before taking an indefinite leave of absence.

Wiggins has missed an extended amount of time due to personal reasons that have not been disclosed by him or the team. The Warriors have been awful defensively in his absence, currently clinging to seventh place in the Western Conference standings with a 36-35 record.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said in a press conference on March 11 that he was aware that Wiggins might not come back this season due to the personal matter he was dealing with. He said he had been in touch with Wiggins, but did not want to pressure him or reveal any details out of respect for his privacy. He said what he is going through is “bigger than basketball”, and they are giving him his space.

The NBA season is almost over, with only about three weeks left until the playoffs start on April 15. The Warriors are currently fighting to avoid the play-in tournament that will determine the final two seeds in each conference. Wiggins’ absence has been felt especially during road games, where the Warriors have lost six of their last seven outings. His defense, scoring and versatility have been sorely missed by a team that relies heavily on Steph Curry’s heroics.

The Warriors are hoping that Wiggins can find peace and happiness off the court before returning to help them on it.

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