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Who Did it Worse? Conor McGregor First Pitch Fail vs 50 Cent First Pitch Fail

For the past few years 50 Cent first pitch fail has been hailed as one of the worst attempts by a celebrity. However, Conor McGregor may have changed that after the first pitch performance he put on during a recent MLB game. As result people are comparing Conor McGregor’s first pitch fail to 50 Cent’s blooper of the past.

What Happened During Conor McGregor’s First Pitch Fail?

Conor McGregor’s first pitch fail happened during a Cubs vs Twins game. He appeared confident as he loosened up his arms like he was about to throw a laser, but what happened next left people around the world laughing. Conor McGregor’s pitch fail almost hit fans sitting in the stands, after going wide right.

Here is 50 Cent’s first pitch fail.

50 Cent’s First Pitch vs Conor McGregor’s First Pitch

Was Conor McGregor’s first pitch fail, worse then 50 Cent’s? In the video below you’ll see that 50 Cent went wide left, while Conor McGregor went wide right. That could have a lot to do with 50 Cent being right handed, while Conor McGregor is left handed.

The difference maker would be that 50 Cent had on the correct attire, in comparison to Conor McGregor’s first pitch in a suit. He has the incorrect attire excuse to lean back on.

All things point to 50 Cent still holding the crown for the worst celebrity first pitch.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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