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Conor McGregor First Pitch in Suit Fail Almost Hits Fans with Baseball During Cubs vs Twins

In the celebrity first pitch Hall of Fame 50 Cent probably holds the crown as the worst attempt ever. However, after the display Conor McGregor put on during a recent Cubs game, he may have a new challenger to his throne.

Details on Conor McGregor’s First Pitch in Suit Fail

Conor McGregor’s first pitch in a suit turned into a blooper reel moment during Cubs vs Twins. He loosened up his arms like he was about to throw a laser, then everything went wrong. Conor McGregor’s pitch fail went wide right almost hitting fans sitting in the stands.

50 Cent’s First Pitch vs Conor McGregor’s First Pitch

Was Conor McGregor’s first pitch fail, worse then 50 Cent’s? As you can see in the video below, 50 Cent went wide left, while Conor McGregor went wide right. 50 Cent had on the correct attire, so he can’t use the same excuse Conor McGregor could in theory.

All things point to 50 Cent still holding the crown.

It’s easy to see Conor McGregor made a few mistakes before attempting that first pitch. The first mistake was wearing a suit, and the second mistake was wearing dress shoes.

His third mistake was attempting that first pitch on a recently broken leg, but that also shows he’s likely almost back to being able to train regularly again.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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