It was quite the eventful night for the Brooklyn Nets on route a commanding 128 – 86 win over the struggling Washington Wizards. This was an important game for the Nets who were staring at the possibility of being 2-7 on the season. Kevin Durant came out with a purpose embarrassing several Wizards players in the process.

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Kevin Durant and Kristaps Porzingis Almost Fight Despite Having Matching Beards

Kristaps Porzingis is not usually the type of player that gets into shouting matches during games, he’s usually more reserved. However, he and KD got into a bit of a heated moment during a free throw. The mistake Porzingis made was forgetting that you don’t make a guy like Kevin Durant mad. After that moment KD really heated up, and put on a legendary show. The funniest part about their altercation was the commentator pointing out that Kevin Durant and Kristaps Porzingis have matching beards. Maybe if KD and Harden wore matching beards he might not have asked to be traded last season ending up on the Sixers.

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Details on How Kevin Durant Made Daniel Gafford Do a Split

The drama during the game continued when Kevin Durant was put in a isolation situation with Daniel Gafford near the free throw line area. KD hit him with the Allen Iverson double cross, which sent him into a yoga pose. As you’ll see in the footage below Daniel Gafford did a split, and it looked super painful. After the game Durant admitted he felt Daniel Gafford slipped on sweat.

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On the night KD finished with 28 points on 47% shooting, so it wasn’t one of his best games efficiency wise, but one of his most impactful games of the season. Yuta Watanabe continued to shine in his role scoring 14 points off the bench. This could be the start of a win streak, but without Kyrie for the next 5 games it’s going to be a tough stretch.

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Prayers up for Daniel Gafford’s ego after that embarrassing mishap.

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