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Who Is the Man Dribbling Two Basketballs While Riding a Bike In Orlando Florida?

A man dribbling two basketballs on bike in Orlando Florida is going viral not only because of the amazing feat he was doing, but because of a case of mistaken identity.

On social media many people thought Jaylen Brown was the man dribbling two basketballs while riding the bike. They had the same body size and build, and it looked liked a drill only an NBA player would be doing in the middle of a hot summer.

It was confirmed not to be Jaylen Brown, which leaves questions about their identity unanswered.

From a basketball standpoint doing a drill like this would improve your ball handling, hand eye coordination, and center of balance. You would have to concentrate on balancing the bike without handle bars, while also dribbling the two basketballs without looking at them. You also have to watch the road and cars going by.

That may not be Jaylen Brown dribbling two basketballs on a bike in Florida, but it sure looks like something he would do to improve his game. It’s well known he has some of the best work ethic in the NBA despite his young age.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff