Brook Lopez’s reaction to James Harden nutmeg passing the ball between his legs during Nets vs Bucks going viral. It wasn’t the pass that was amazing, but Brook Lopez reacting to James Harden almost low blow crushing his balls.

As James Harden was falling out of bounds trying to save the basketball, he missed Brook Lopez’s groin by inches as he made the lucky nutmeg pass between his legs. Brook Lopez made a funny face towards Harden, while apparently saying “That was close“. While this was happening Deandre Jordan got a wide open dunk.

Take a look.

Plays like these are what make some Bucks fans furious about Brook Lopez. Sometimes he’s just way too silly, and it this case it led to free points for the NETS.

All in all, it’s good that James Harden didn’t cause a serious groin injury to Brook Lopez. The end result was a accidental highlight.

Author: JordanThrilla