We all know Shaq can be very sensitive, but no one ever expected he would lash out on a random person on IG. Shaq cursed out an Instagram User in a DM for photoshopping Donovan Mitchell dunking on him.

In the DM to Instagram User Shaq allegedly wrote “Shut you dumb a** up”. The IG user took a screenshot of the damning message and showed the world.

This situation all started on Inside the NBA when Shaq told Donovan Mitchell he didn’t have what it takes to reach the next level, meaning he would never be a real “superstar”. People immediately accused Shaq of being a bitter hater, and all the meme ensued.

Now it’s gotten to the point of Shaq sending DMs to random people on Instagram for photoshopping Donovan Mitchell dunking on him. What a time to be an NBA fan.

Author: JordanThrilla

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