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Dejounte Murray Reviews NBA 2k24 with Harsh Words Amidst Claims It’s the Same Game as NBA 2k23

Image Credit: YouTube

NBA 2k24, the latest installment of the popular basketball simulation video game series, has been receiving a lot of negative feedback from both NBA players and frustrated gamers. The game, claims to offer a realistic and immersive experience of playing in the NBA, with new features such as ProPlay, which allows players to control their movements with more precision and fluidity. However, many critics and users have pointed out that the game is not much different from its predecessor, NBA 2k23, and that it suffers from various issues that affect its gameplay and enjoyment.

Dejounte Murray Reviews NBA 2k24 as People Continue to Say It’s Same Game as NBA 2k23

One of the most vocal critics of NBA 2K24 is Hawks star Dejounte Murray, who used four harsh words to describe how much he dislikes the game. On Instagram, the Hawks account asked the question “How we feeling about our @NBA2k ratings”, to which Murray replied “Trash like the game”. Murray, who has an overall rating of 84 in NBA 2K24, is not the only NBA player who has expressed his dissatisfaction with the game.

Many gamers have also voiced their complaints about NBA 2K24, saying that the game is almost exactly the same as NBA 2K23, with a few minor changes and roster updates. They claim that the game lacks innovation and creativity, and that it is merely a cash grab by the developers. It seems many people are beginning to feel bamboozled by 2K sports, and are finally waking up to see what is really happening to once beloved franchise.

For example many gamers are calling ProPlay a gimmick that hasn’t been implemented properly, and that doesn’t add much to the game. They say that the players still appear to move just like in NBA 2K23 for the most part, and that ProPlay is inconsistent and unreliable. To really notice ProPlay you really have to study the movement of the players during the game very closely or watch replays, which is pointless in the heat of action. ProPlay should be very noticeable the way 2K advertised it would be.

Dejounte Murray says NBA 2k24 is Trash
Dejounte Murray says NBA 2k24 is Trash

Many gamers are saying that post scoring is broken, because they can green almost everything no matter how good the defense is when doing low-post moves, especially with centers. They say that this makes the game unbalanced and unfair, and that it takes away the skill and challenge of playing in the post. To 2K’s defense developer Chris Manning said they are looking into this when replying to a Twitter user named LxckTV, and it may be patched very soon.

Chris Manning Responds to Complaint About Post Scoring being broken in NBA 2k24
Chris Manning Responds to Complaint About Post Scoring Being Broken in NBA 2k24

Many gamers are mad about how NBA 2K24 feels like a pay to win game, that is trying to squeeze every penny possible out of the player base. They say that the game is now too expensive to play fairly, and that it forces players to spend real money on microtransactions to upgrade their characters and unlock features to do basic things. They also say that the game is full of ads and promotions that interrupt the gameplay and ruin the immersion. For example you can pay round $73, and reach level 40 instantly.

Many gamers are also mad that any player can now see all the moves and animations that they put on their MyPlayer, which allows anyone to create the same player as they did. They say that this takes away the uniqueness and customization of their characters, and that it makes the game boring and repetitive. It will also hurt content creators in the long run as well, but most NBA 2k content creators are disliked by the community anyway, because they are actually partially responsible for what NBA 2k has become.

Why Does NBA 2K24 Feel Like the Same Game as NBA 2k23 with More Microtransactions?

Many of the complaints about NBA 2K24 could be a result of corporate greed, and the fact that they release a new game every year, which doesn’t give them enough time to actually make major changes. It also doesn’t help that the CEO of NBA 2K’s parent company has a salary tied to the amount of money people spend on microtransactions. These factors could explain why NBA 2K24 seems to be more focused on making money than making a quality game.

NBA 2K24 is a disappointment for some NBA players and fans who expected more from the game. The game fails to deliver on its promises of realism and immersion, and instead offers a stale experience not much different from last years iteration. The game has been criticized by both NBA players and gamers alike, who have expressed their dissatisfaction with various aspects of the game.

It could legitimately be argued that the smart decision is to buy NBA 2K games every other year, so you’re paying for a game with two years of development behind it, instead of one year. This way, you could avoid wasting your money on a game that is essentially a copy of its predecessor, and you could enjoy a game that has more improvements and features.

The servers for NBA 2k23 will still be up until the release of NBA 2k25, so all game modes are still playable, and there will still be an active userbase.

With that said, there are also some people that like NBA 2k24, so if you do buy it, you might end up really liking it, but you could also end up feeling the same way many others do.

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