This NBA offseason has been ruled with stories of Lakers trying to sign Kyrie, and reunite him with Lebron James in LA. Although it hasn’t happened yet with the recent news that Westbrook fired his agent and wants out of LA, it seems more close than ever to happening. Although no deal has officially been made yet NBA fans are still going to get a chance to see LeBron and Kyrie together on the court today, just not at an NBA venue.

Long Line Waiting to See Lebron James and Kyrie Irving at Drew League 2022 Goes Viral

Today Lebron James and Kyrie Irving will play together at Drew League for the first time since 2012. These two legends are probably the most dominate duo in sports history besides Kobe and Shaq, and Jordan and Pippen. If you really look back no one was able to beat a healthy Kyrie Irving and Lebron James in playoffs besides the Warriors after they added Kevin Durant to their roster in one of the most sketchy moves ever. Even then Kyrie was playing on a bad knee that needed surgery, which might be the only reason they lost.

Naturally the NBA world is very excited to see what old man Lebron James and prime Kyrie Irving can do against the Drew League competition. With the smaller venue it also means seats are much more limited. That mixture was bound to cause issues for those trying to get in on a first come first serve basis. The proof is a viral video showing the long line of people waiting to see Kyrie Irving and Lebron James at Drew League 2022.

The last time Lebron James was at Drew League in 2012 he dominated, and won MVP. There’s no telling what he will do this time, but hopefully nothing crazy happens in terms of injuries for either of these two legends.

This will be the first glimpse at what Kyrie and LeBron on Lakers could look like. Get your popcorn ready.

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