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Miles Bridges Hits Woman in Face While Throwing Mouthpiece At Hawks Fan After Ejection

The Charlotte Hornets’ season is over, and they really went out with a drama filled bang. What was a close game in the first half turned into a disaster as Hornets found themselves down over 20 points. The frustration among their ranks was starting to show, and it boiled over into an intense moment with about 6 minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

Miles Bridges Hits Woman in Face While Throwing Mouthguard At Another Fan During Hornets vs Hawks

Miles Bridges wasn’t happy about a goaltending call, and became irate at a referee. Several of his teammates had to hold him back before the ref decided it was best to eject him from the game. Of course Hawks fans were loving the mental breakdown he was having, but one fan trying to throw salt on his wounds got a little to close for his comfort.

Viral footage shows the moment Miles Bridges hit a woman in the face with his mouth guard while heading back to the locker room. A Hawks fan was making a “bye” gesture to him, but his hand got too close to his face. With the force of a thunderclap move Miles Bridges threw his mouthpiece at the Hawks fan, but completely missed his intended target. Instead Miles Bridges’ mouthpiece hit a woman in the face that had no idea what was going on.

In the past the NBA has given hefty fines to players who make contact with people in the crowd. In this situation Miles Bridges hit a female fan and threw a mouthguard, which could be a double whammy. It’s surprising the fan was able to keep her cool, because his spit was probably running down her face.

All in all, Miles Bridges is an intense competitor on the court, and with that passion sometimes emotions can go a little too far when the ultimate goal is not achieved. Nevertheless, it was a bad decision that will probably cost him a lot of money, and a suspension for a few games next season.