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Was Doc Rivers Tampering With Buddy Hield During Kings vs Sixers? Here is Why a Ben Simmons for Buddy Hield Trade Theory is Trending

What did Buddy Hield say to Doc Rivers? This is the question fans are asking after a strange interaction between the two during Sixers win over the Kings. In a game where Buddy Hield caught fire in the first quarter hitting 4 threes, Sixers were probably salivating at the thought of getting him on the roster.

Was Doc Rivers Tampering with Buddy Hield During Sixers vs Kings?

The incident in question happened with about 24 seconds left in the 4th quarter with the Kings down by 8 points. During a free throw attempt the camera caught Doc Rivers and Buddy Hield chatting on the sideline. Then the strangest thing happened sending the NBA world into a frenzy.

It seemed like normal friendly banter between opposing player and coach, but then Buddy Hield whispered in Doc Rivers’ ear while covering his mouth with his jersey. Whatever he said made Doc Rivers do a double take at him before reacting with a smile, and saying something inaudible.

Ben Simmons for Buddy Hield confirmed?

Tonight was Kings first game under Alvin Gentry, who replaced Luka Walton after he got fired. Even with the change it was still more of the same of the Kings. They started out decent playing with energy, but slowly fell flat over the course of the game. Crucial mistakes down the stretch, and inconsistent play from their core leads to another loss.

Buddy Hield hit 4 threes in the first quarter, but ended the game hitting 5 threes, which means he only hit one three after the first quarter. That’s an example of how frustrating Kings’ season has been.

Whatever Buddy Hield said to Doc Rivers hopefully it ends with a trade happening. Buddy Hield plus Seth Curry would be one of the best shooting backcourts in the league.

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