D’Angelo Russell flipped the script on White Media Members, and is going viral. After Timberwolves latest game D’Angelo Russell reverse interviewed media members about the Capitol Building Breach.

During his postgame interview the media asked D’Angelo Russell about his thoughts on the Capitol Building breach by Trump Supporters. He then told them that instead he wants to hear them share their thoughts on what happened.

In that moment a legendary NBA moment was born.

D’Angelo Russell’s reverse interview with white media members turned into a 20 minute heart to heart discussion about Trump Supporters breaking into the Capitol Building. The moment showed how mature D’Angelo Russell has become as person, after once being known as one of the most immature players in the NBA.

Before this moment D’Angelo Russell was most known for being the snitch who ended Nick Young’s relationship with Iggy Azalea. Now he will forever be known as the player who flipped the script on the media in the name of social justice.

Rumble young man, Rumble.

Author: JordanThrilla