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Half Naked Man Jumping Roof to Roof at Boyle Heights Sets Church Roof on Fire During Stand Off with LA Police

They are calling him the Boyle Heights real life Spiderman. A half naked man scaling roof tops at Boyle Heights turned into a dangerous situation when arson occurred. During at standoff with the LAPD the Half naked Boyle Heights man set a church roof on fire. Luckily the fire didn’t grow, which avoided a major catastrophe.

What’s crazy about this situation is although the man was jumping roof to roof it appeared he never got injured. Even after jumping off the roof to a home on the ground, the man continued running from police before he was captured. It won’t be surprising if they discover he was on some type of drug.

The motive of this strange sequence of events still seems to be unknown. Was he trying to burn down the church, or did he do that to scare the police that were after him? Why was he even on the roof?

Thankfully he was caught, and the church fire was stopped before a anyone got seriously injured. On social media some people have dubbed this man the real life Spiderman.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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