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Was Ivana Trump Sacrificed So Donald Trump Will Become President Again? Cause of Death Sparks Ivana Trump Illuminati Death Conspiracy Theory

Sad news shook up the world today when it was announced Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump is dead at 73 years old. Ivana Trump who was born in 1949 was the mother of his three oldest kids. She was the one involved in the Trump cheating scandal with Marla Maples that was a top news story all those years ago. Due the timing with everything going with Donald Trump’s court case regarding his involvement in the Capitol Building riot, and the alleged details about how she may have died a conspiracy theory about Ivana Trump’s cause of death is catching steam on social media.

Was Ivana Trump Sacrificed So Donald Trump Will Become President Again? Details on Why the Cause of Death Sparked an Ivana Trump Illuminati Death Conspiracy Theory

By now you probably know about the belief that the Illuminati offers you success if you are willing to sell your soul, or sacrifice the soul of someone close to you. It is believed that with each human sacrifice the Illuminati becomes more powerful, and in return they grant your deepest desires. Donald Trump wants to become president again, but of course that is all in jeopardy due to the current trial about he Capitol Building riot.

Recently news went viral that Donald Trump may be forced testify during this court trial, which could lead to his demise. Is it a coincidence that in this same time span his first wife Ivana Trump died mysteriously? Conspiracy Theorists don’t believe it is a coincidence at all, but rather a planned a sacrifice to ensure Donald Trump achieves his goal of becoming president. This is the core of the Illuminati death conspiracy that Ivana Trump was sacrificed as part of a ritual Donald Trump agreed to. It may seem far fetched, but when you take into account how police are saying Ivana Trump died which we will discuss below, then it really makes you start to wonder.

Take a look at Donald Trump’s reaction to Ivana Trump’s death on Truth Social, and some others.

How Did Ivana Trump Die? Details about NYPD Investigating Ivana Trump Cause of Death

According to reports NYPD is currently investigating claims that Ivana Trump fell down stairs at her home in Manhattan. Investigators who have been to her home say they have see no signs of forced entry, which leads them to believe Ivana Trump fell down steps accidentally. However, they are still theoretically investigating the possibility that someone pushed Ivana Trump down the steps in her home since they don’t know for sure how the fall happened. New York’s chief medical examiner has publicly stated they will be investigating the case closely.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of why some conspiracy theorists believe that Ivana Trump was an Illuminati sacrifice to ensure Donald Trump becomes president again.

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