Did Joe Biden say the “N Word” during a speech at the Munich Security Conference? Based on viral footage it appears he likely did. At one point during the speech Joe Biden appears to say “N-Word here next”.


It’s tough to say whether this was a slip of tongue, but remember this is a guy who was best friends with a KKK leader.

Take a listen to the video making people wonder why Joe Biden said the racist N Word during a speech on National TV.

Press the unmute button on bottom right of the video below if you hear no sound.

Joe Biden has said many potentially racist things in his time as a politician, but this is the most blatant. In fact this might be the first time ever a president said the “N word” during a public speech.

Considering his sketchy track record on race in politics, this was a terrible mistake for Joe Biden to make.

Author: JordanThrilla