Did Military or Alien Tech Weapon Test Cause Blackbirds Falling from Sky in Mexico? Viral Conspiracy Theory Explained. What Made Thousands of Blackbirds Fall from Sky in Mexico?

Have you ever seen a horror movie where birds just drop dead, and start falling from the sky like rain? That always makes for some of the most eerie movie scenes, so can you imagine how scary witnessing that happen in real life would be. Well a recent video show exactly that happening has conspiracy theories about what caused thousands of blackbirds in Mexico to die instantly.

Video Showing Thousands of Blackbirds Falling from Sky in Mexico Sparks Alien Technology Weapon Test Conspiracy Theory

A viral video shows the moment a camera caught thousands of blackbirds falling from the sky in Chihuahua Mexico. The birds fell from the sky like a black cloud of smoke. It’s not clear what species the blackbirds were, but it appears they were dead long before they hit ground. What ever led to to their deaths happened quickly, and was powerful enough to affect the large group. The people recording the video seemed to be unaffected.

What Made Thousands of Blackbirds Fall from Sky in Mexico?

Some Conspiracy theorists believe that this footage of the blackbirds falling from the sky in Chihuahua, Mexico is proof that military entities may be testing alien technology, or some other type of newly discovered tech. The basis of this theory is what is scientifically known to cause blackbirds to fall from the sky under normal circumstances.

Science tells us that birds usually fall from the sky for three reasons, which includes running into a tall building while flying at high speeds, becoming disoriented by bright building lights causing them to fly in an endless circle until they collapse mid flight, or if a bird gets disoriented by a very loud sound. Also in theory an electric impulse of some kind would also cause a bird to fall out the sky producing a similar affect to a loud sound, but that has never happened before.

Now here’s the strange part of all this, Chihuahua, Mexico is a very quiet small town with no tall buildings. This eliminates the possibility of the blackbirds flying into a tall building. The only other scientifically documented explanation could be if the birds heard some type of loud sound, but based on details about the video there was no sound heard.

This raises the question what type of device could produce a very loud sound, without actually making a very loud sound? Was it something else the human eye can’t see that disrupted their flight?

Some people theorize that some type of electromagnetic pulse was emitted through the air during a weapons test to see how effective it was on a living animal. The sound theory suggests that a loud sound was emitted at newly discovered wavelength that can disrupt bodily functions without a sound actually being heard. In both cases conspiracy theorists believe a military unit tested new or alien technology causing thousands of blackbirds to die instantly, and fall from the sky in Chihuahua Mexico.

Take a look at the video

Spooky right? If it wasn’t an unknown type of technology that caused that to happen, could this be a sign of a biblical event happening soon? Only time will tell.

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