Is Tinashe African? Peter Rosenberg Calls out Ebro Saying Tinashe African Last Name is Ghetto. Peter Rosenberg Calls out Ebro Saying Tinashe's African Last Name is a Ghetto Name. Ebro Responds to Backlash From Him Calling Tinashe's African Last Name 'Ghetto'.

Ebro is catching heat on social media after a disrespectful moment during a Tinashe interview on the Hot 97 morning show. The moment has left people confused, because his white counterpart Peter Rosenberg was the one who was more knowledgeable and respectful about Tinashe’s heritage.

Peter Rosenberg Calls out Ebro Saying Tinashe’s African Last Name is a Ghetto Name

Tinashe’s full name is ‘Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe’, she is of Zimbabwe descent. During the Hot 97 Morning Show, Ebro requested that Tinashe say her last name for their viewers. After she revealed it was ‘Kachingwe’, Ebro said Tinashe’s African last name was ‘ghetto’.

In response to Ebro disrespecting Tinashe’s African heritage, his white co-host Peter Rosenberg had to explain that an African last name is not ghetto. Instead of agreeing, Ebro doubled down claiming that many “ghetto” names originated from Africa.

It’s surprising that Tinashe kept her cool through it all. Take a look.

Ebro Responds to Backlash From Him Calling Tinashe’s African Last Name ‘Ghetto

Ebro reacted to the backlash he received for the incident above calling his comments about Tinashe’s African last name a “terrible joke”. Nevertheless, to many people it seems like this was a “joke” based on sentiments he really has.

It’s like the racial matrix when a white man has to correct a black man for making fun of an African black woman’s last name. Ebro should know better than this.

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