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People are Hoping for an OnlyFans after Denver Broncos Cheerleader Vika’s Racy Photo in Swimsuit at Beach Goes Viral

It’s not often you see the cheerleaders of NFL football teams ruling sports headlines, but every once in awhile they manage to do so. What was an otherwise low scoring stale game between the Colts and Broncos led to some excitement surrounding the teams due a post from the Broncos cheerleading squad’s IG account. Now a cheerleader named Vika has become an internet celebrity overnight.

Denver Bronco Cheerleader Vika Racy Photo in Swimsuit Has People Hoping She Starts an OnlyFans

Rookie cheerleader Vika was named the top cheerleader of the week, and the steamy photo paying homage to her prestigious accomplishment has left NFL fans thirsting to see more based on reactions around social media. In the photo Vika wears a blue two piece swimsuit while kneeling in a Cancun beach water holding a football.

Although the IG post only has around 900 likes at the moment that’s not indicative of how viral the photo is going. Take a look at the Denver Broncos cheerleader’s racy photo that has people hoping Vika starts an OnlyFans.

NFL cheerleaders are very hard workers, and sometimes people don’t fully grasp the amount of effort they put in to stay in shape to be able to perform on the sidelines during games. Being beautiful is only a small aspect of what it takes to be selected to the position of representing an NFL franchise in such an important manner. It’s safe to say if her cheerleading career ever comes to an end Vika could make a fortune on OnlyFans.