When Bradley Beal’s wife Kamiah called out Wizards and said she was fed up, she was probably speaking for him. That is now clearer after Bradley Beal’s body language and refusing to high five teammates during Wizards vs Nets went viral.

From the opening buzzer it looked like Bradley Beal didn’t want to be on the court with his team. He had the “you can’t be serious” look every time Wizards had the ball on offense. After a timeout was called Bradley Beal walked past ALL his teammates who tried to high five him.

Wizards are currently 3-12 with the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Strangely a few season ago Bradley Beal signed a contract extension knowing the Wizards’ future was bleak. However, no one could have predicted it would be this bad.

Bradley Beal’s body language during Wizards vs Nets conveys how dreary this situation has become. Something needs to change soon.

Author: JordanThrilla

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