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No 6’9″ Point Guards in NBA 2k24? Mike Wang Confirms 6’9″ PG Meta Build is Dead in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24, the latest installment of the popular basketball video game series, is set to release on September 10, 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new features and improvements that the game will bring, especially in the MyCareer mode, where players can create and customize their own virtual basketball players.

Mike Wang Confirms There is No 6’9″ PG Meta Build is Gone in NBA 2k24

One of the most anticipated changes in NBA 2K24 is the new height restrictions for each position in MyCareer. In a viral tweet, Mike Wang, the gameplay director of NBA 2K24, announced the max-height for each position as follows: Point Guard: 6’8″, Shooting Guard: 6’9″, Small Forward: 6’11″, Power Forward: 7’, Center: 7’3″.

This means that the 6’9″ point guard meta, which dominated NBA 2K23, is officially dead. In NBA 2K23, many players opted to create 6’9″ point guards, because they were able to exploit the game’s mechanics and have an advantage over other players without actually have much skill. A 6’9″ point guard could have high ratings and badges in speed, ball handling, shooting, defense, and rebounding, making them very tough stop on both ends of the court for the average player.

Mike Wang Confirming that There Will be No 6'9" Point Guards in NBA 2k24
Mike Wang Confirming that There Will be No 6’9″ Point Guards in NBA 2k24

Some people feel that the height restrictions should be based on the tallest real-life NBA players at each respective position, give or take a few inches. For example, the tallest point guard in NBA history is Ben Simmons, who is 6’10″, but he is an exception rather than the norm. The average height of a point guard in the NBA is around 6’3″. Technically speaking it’s unrealistic that you can’t create a point guard taller than 6’8″ in NBA 2K24.

Similarly, the tallest center in NBA history is Manute Bol, who was 7’7″, but he was also an outlier. The average height of a center in the NBA is around 6’11″. Many people might think Victor Wembanyama is the tallest player in the NBA right now, but Boban Marjanovic is actually the same height also standing at 7’3″ without shoes.

Why a Tall Point Guard Might be Disadvantage in NBA 2k24

Based on what has been reported so far, NBA 2k24 will have more realistic physics and animations for different heights and weights, which will affect how players perform on the court.

This means that taller players might be much slower, less agile, and more prone to fatigue than shorter players, which didn’t really seem to be the case in NBA 2k23. Likewise, that could also mean that shorter players will have more advantages in terms of speed, quickness, and stamina than taller players.

How do you feel about the fact that there will be no 6’9″ point guard meta builds in NBA 2k24?

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