Blazers Fan Who Bet His House on Blazers Winning 42 Games Begs Damian Lillard For Help

In the world of betting people take big risks to win big rewards. Usually those risks only involve losing a lot of money, but sometimes much more can be on the line. As example a Blazers fan bet his house on Blazers winning 42 games in this shortened season. However, with Damian Lillard’s recent hamstring injury and Blazers at 32 wins with 14 games to go things aren’t looking good for his home.

Given the dire circumstances that Blazers fan who bet his house on Blazers winning 42 games reached out to Damian Lillard for help. In a viral tweet he probed Damian Lillard about the progress of his hamstring injury, and made him aware of what was on the line if they didn’t reach that 42 game mark. Damian Lillard responded by saying “Say Less”, which meant he had taken up the challenge to make sure this Blazers fan doesn’t lose his home.

To save this Blazer fan’s house Damian Lillard’s team has to go at least 10-4 down the stretch. Unfortunately Blazers are currently on a 2 game losing streak, and have looked low on energy during recent games. Maybe this situation will give them a morale boost that creates some momentum going forward. This guy needs them to go on a win streak really bad.

Damian Lillard would hate to be part of the reason at Blazers fan became homeless.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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