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Video: Nuggets’ Aaron Gordon Partying Shirtless on the Streets of Denver Colorado Goes Viral

The Denver Nuggets have just won their first NBA championship in franchise history, and their star forward Aaron Gordon is having the time of his life. A video of him partying shirtless on the streets of Denver has gone viral on social media, showing how much he loves the city and its fans.

In the video, a shirtless Aaron Gordon is hanging out the window of a car, as Nuggets fans on the side of the road chant “AG” while celebrating with him. He has a cigar in his mouth and a big smile on his face, clearly enjoying the moment. The video has received millions of views and thousands of comments, with many people praising Aaron Gordon for his performance in the playoffs and his loyalty to the team.

Some people are also comparing the footage to how JR Smith was partying shirtless in the streets of Cleveland after they won the championship in 2016. Smith became a meme for his shirtless antics, and some fans are hoping that Gordon will follow suit. Aaron Gordon joined the Nuggets in March 2021, after being traded from the Orlando Magic. He quickly became a key piece of their championship puzzle, providing defense, athleticism and scoring.

Aaron Gordon has shown that he is happy to be in Denver, and that he has a great chemistry with his teammates and the fans. His shirtless celebration is a testament to his joy and gratitude, and a sign that he is ready for more success in the future. Will the Nuggets be the next NBA dynasty, or just a one and done?

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