What was wrong with Pam Oliver during Rams vs Packers playoffs game? Was Pam Oliver drunk or high during the game? These questions are making Pam Oliver’s strange sideline interview go viral.

During the interview Pam Oliver’s speech was slurred, almost like she was talking in slow motion. She also had a tough time pronouncing “successfully” and “absences”. People believe Pam Oliver was on drugs or having some type of health issue.

Take a look.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you don’t hear any sound.

People may be looking too much into this, but it’s hard to argue that something just doesn’t seem right here. Pam Oliver has been an NFL reporter for the past 23 years, and not once has her speech and mannerisms look so off. It almost looked like she was crying right before the interview too.

Hopefully everything is good with Pam Oliver, and the frigid cold temperatures from the Rams vs Packers playoffs game was just getting to her.

Author: JordanThrilla