People are remembering the time Skai Jackson doxxed a 13 year old kid who said “Guacomole n**** penis” to her on twitter, after a Beyonce nephew Julez and Skai Jackson $ex tape video leaked on Instagram.

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The incident happened back in June of 2020, where in response to her doxxing attempt someone leaked Skai Jackson’s address in a revenge doxxing.

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These were the originally doxxing tweets which led to Skai Jackson’s address being leaked.

The situation was crazy because doxxing is illegal, especially when it comes to minors. However, the information Skai Jackson doxxed the minor with could also be considered public information. The information that Skai Jackson got doxxed with was definitely private information, it was her actual address. Only problem is no one knows who leaked her address.

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The situation seems like Deja Vu, because now she is viral for the leaked Julez and Skai Jackson $extape video that is circulating social media like wildfire right now.

Skai Jackson address leaked then a Julez and Skai Jackson $ex tape leaks some months later. Talk about bad luck.

Author: JordanThrilla

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