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Bronx Man Smoking Weed inside Bright Green Mercedes-Benz Injures 14 People Trying To Run From Police In Viral Video

What would you do if you were about to get pulled over by police, and knew you were driving dirty? In a viral video a Bronx man smoking weed inside a bright green Mercedes-Benz injured 14 people while trying to run from the cops. According to reports the NYPD was trying to pull him over, because his tints were too dark and they smelled a weed aroma coming from his car. The chaos ensued around 5 p.m. on East Fordham Road and Marion Avenue during rush hour.

The footage starts with the bright green Mercedes-Benz ramming cars to try and clear a path for himself. Meanwhile police were hanging onto the car trying to pry open the door, while trying not to shoot the driver. At some point the bright green Mercedes-Benz found an escape by driving on the sidewalk through everything that in his path including people. Somehow he was able to escape, and still hasn’t been found.

Smoking weed outside is legal in New York, but smoking while driving or selling weed is still very illegal. However, considering how badly the driver of the bright green Mercedes-Benz wanted to get away, he probably had more going on that he needed to hide from the cops.

The fact that this green Mercedes-Benz chaos in the Bronx went on in front of an Old Navy store makes the situation that much more crazy.

Hopefully everyone who was seriously injured will survive.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff