Did Arkansas Use a Drug Dealer in Racist COVID-19 Vaccine Commercial To Target Black Community? Arkansas hustler trapper COVID Vaccine commercial

A controversial COVID vaccine commercial released in Arkansas has people confused at the choice of imagery they used. People think Arkansas is racist for using a hustler or trapper to promote COVID-19 Vaccine to the black community.

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Is Arkansas Using a Drug Dealer to Promote COVID-19 Vaccine to Black People?

In the questionable Arkansas COVID-19 Vaccine commercial a man allegedly named Richard Johnson says he is a hustler who “sells things” on the street. He said since he comes in contact with people all the time he had no choice to get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect himself. He told people if they are out there in the streets hustling like him you should take the COVID Vaccine. What does he mean by “sells things on the street”?

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While it wasn’t directly said, people think the commercial’s imagery and wording makes it seem like Arkansas used a drug dealer to promote the COVID-19 vaccine to the black community, because they feel this it what black people would relate to. That doesn’t mean this guy actually sells drugs, but rather Arkansas possibly paid him to imply he was a drug dealer in the commercial. If that was the motivation then it’s easy to see why this commercial could be seen as very racist.

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This is similar to the questionable cartoon hip-hop video New York released to promote the COVID-19 vaccine to the black community awhile back.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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