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Woman Laughing while Recording Delonte West Dancing in Front 7-Eleven Gas Station Sparks Outrage

The internet can be a cruel place, especially for celebrities who fall from grace. A recent example of this is the viral video of former NBA player Delonte West dancing in front of a 7 Eleven gas station, apparently homeless and mentally ill. The video was recorded and posted online by a woman who can be heard laughing and mocking West’s condition. The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, is facing backlash for her insensitive and disrespectful behavior towards someone who is clearly struggling and needs help.

Delonte West was once a promising basketball star who played for several teams, including the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Dallas Mavericks. He was known for his versatility, toughness, and defensive skills. He also had a tumultuous personal life, involving rumors of an affair with LeBron James’ mother, a bipolar disorder diagnosis, financial troubles, and legal issues. In 2015, he announced his retirement from the NBA after failing to find a team.

Since then, West’s life has taken a downward spiral. He has been spotted several times on the streets, looking disheveled and confused. He has also been involved in violent altercations, such as being beaten up by a stranger on a highway in 2020. His former teammates and coaches have tried to reach out to him and offer him support, but he has reportedly refused their help. His family has also expressed their concern and frustration with his situation.

Why Was the Woman Laughing while Recording Delonte West Dancing in Front 7-Eleven?

The sad footage of West dancing in front of a 7 Eleven gas station is the latest evidence of his deteriorating state. The woman who recorded it apparently found it amusing to see him in such a state and decided to share it with the world. She can be heard laughing hysterically, after claiming she usually doesn’t record people who are at a low point in life.

The video has sparked outrage among many people who have seen it online. They have condemned the woman for her lack of empathy, and compassion for someone who is clearly suffering from mental illness and addiction. Why laugh at someone else’s pain just for some social media clout? That’s the question everyone is wanting to know.

Many people have also expressed their sympathy and support for West, hoping that he can get the help he needs and recover from his condition. They have praised him for his talent and achievements as a basketball player and wished him well.

It’s so crazy that he was one a millionaire on top of the world living in mansions and taking first class flights. They say you can’t miss what you never had, but when you once had it all there’s a lot reminiscence about.

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