Does Bronny James Have an Illuminati Tattoo? Possible Meaning of '999' Fuels Conspiracy Theories

Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, is no stranger to the spotlight. The 18-year-old basketball prodigy has been making headlines for his skills on the court, his endorsement deals, and his social media presence. Recently, he sparked a new wave of attention and speculation when he revealed his first tattoos.

Did Bronny James Get an Illuminati Tattoo? Conspiracy Theory Explained

The tattoo under his ear is a number: 999. This might seem harmless at first glance, but some conspiracy theorists have pointed out that when flipped upside down, it looks like 666 — the infamous number of the beast in the Book of Revelation. According to some interpretations of biblical prophecy, 666 is the mark of the Antichrist, a figure who will rise to power and deceive the world before the end times.

But what does 666 have to do with the Illuminati? The Illuminati is a name given to a secret society that allegedly controls the world through various means, such as politics, media, religion, and entertainment. Some people believe that the Illuminati uses symbols and codes to communicate their agenda and influence people’s minds. One of these symbols is said to be 666, which represents their allegiance to Satan and their opposition to God.

The number is also linked to gematria, a system of numerology that assigns numerical values to letters and words. Some scholars have used gematria to decode 666 as the name of a historical or political figure who represents evil.

The rumor about Bronny James’ Illuminati tattoo went viral after he gave an interview during his training session for the upcoming Nike Hoop Summit in Portland Oregon, and people noticed the ‘999’ on his neck. The Nike Hoop Summit is an annual event that showcases some of the best high school basketball players from around the world. Bronny is one of them, as he is ranked among the top prospects in the class of 2023 by various scouting services.

What Does Bronny James '999' Tattoo mean?
Bronny James Illuminati 666 tattoo that is 999 flipped upside down.
Bronny James 999 Tattoo Flipped Upside Down Equals 666

What Does Bronny’s “999” Tattoo Mean? The Hip-Hop Theory

Is Bronny James part of the Illuminati? Did he get a 666 tattoo to show his loyalty to the dark side? Or is there another explanation for his choice of ink?

It’s possible that Bronny James’ 999 tattoo has nothing to do with the Illuminati or Satanism. Rather it may have a positive and inspirational meaning behind it. Bronny’s 999 ink could be paying tribute to Juice WRLD, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 21. Juice WRLD was known for using 999 as his signature number and logo.

There is potential evidence that Bronny is a fan of Juice WRLD’s music and message, as he has allegedly posted several videos of himself listening to his songs in the past. There was even a report that he got a chance to meet him in person before his death. Could Bronny’s 999 tattoo be a way of honoring his memory and expressing his admiration for him? Seems very plausible.

On the surface it’s easy to see why conspiracy theorists think Bronny James’ tattoos are signs of him being part of the Illuminati, but what “999” really means could be a simple expressions of his personality, interests, and values.

Ironically Lebron James has faced Illuminati accusations of his own after he too seemed to use that 666 number.

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