Reversed Video Fuels Conspiracy Theory Beyoncé's Dubai Concert Was a Satanic Illuminati Devil Ritual Hidden in Plain Sight

After an incredible performance in Dubai, some fans on social media are claiming that Beyoncé may have conducting a tribute to the illuminati during her show. The set of the show was allegedly inspired by the gothic aesthetic of the 90s, and included a costume change by a masked figure. However, the firework display during the final act made people start to wonder if the aesthetic was just attire fit for a devil worshipping ceremony. The conspiracy theory really starts to get eerie when you reverse the video of her performance.

Details Behind the Conspiracy Theory that Beyoncé’s Dubai Concert Was a Satanic Illuminati Ritual Meant to Worship the Devil Hidden in Plain Sight

Conspiracy theorists believe the sun imagery during her performance, plus Beyoncé’s choice to wear a yellow shade in her opening act was part of the satanic ritual meant to make her seem like a deity from the underworld. In addition there was a moment where she rises into the air, further supporting their belief that she was trying to mimic a deity.

Essentially conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati was attempting to elevate Beyonce to the level of a deity, possibly conveying that she had risen within the ranks of their alleged satanic system of order. Some TikTok users believe the stage was even made to look like an eye portal, which are the same accusations Travis Scott faced when people died during his concert.

Does Reverse Video of Beyonce’s Dubai Concert Reveal She’s Saying the Word “Devil” Over and Over?

The idea that the illuminati and secret societies are behind Beyoncé’s Dubai concert is a complex one, and it’s difficult to know what to believe. Regardless, it’s clear that the imagery and staging of the performance has left many of her fans convinced that it’s more than just a show.

The devil worshipping satanic conspiracy is nothing new for Beyoncé, as many people have claimed it for years. Some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that a reversed video of the Dubai concert will reveal that she was saying the word ‘devil’ many times.

Here’s footage that isn’t reversed.

Here is the same footage above in reverse video and sound. You can actually clearly hear that Beyonce is saying “devil, devil, devil….”, but is that by design or just a coincidence from reversing the video?

The picture below shows an example of the alleged sun deity imagery, and Illuminati eye portal on the stage.

Reversed Video Fuels Conspiracy Theory Beyoncé's Dubai Concert Was a Satanic Illuminati Devil Ritual Hidden in Plain Sight
Is this actually Beyoncé Doing a Satanic Illuminati Devil Worshipping Ritual in Dubai?

The illuminati and secret societies have been a topic of fascination for centuries, with many believing them to be at the center of hidden power, and influence all over the world. While some people feel it’s just an unproven conspiracy theory, for many it’s seen as a real and tangible force. As aforementioned Travis Scott’s concert where several people died has also been touted by conspiracy theorists as an Illuminati ritual hidden in plain sight.

Whether Beyoncé’s Dubai performance was a Satanic illuminati devil worshipping ritual, or just a great show will remain unknown, as she has yet to comment on the topic. However, that reversed video definitely makes you wonder.

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