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Did Dr. Fauci Just Admit That COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work?

Dr. Fauci is going viral again after another flip flopping statement he made about the COVID-19 vaccine. During this press conference people feel Dr. Fauci admitted the COVID Vaccine does not work.

While discussing why CDC changed their mask guidelines for people who have been vaccinated, he revealed that they are at the same risk of getting infected by the Delta Variant as someone who has taken the COVID Vaccine. Dr. Fauci say studies show that that level of Delta Variant COVID virus in the nasal area of a vaccinated person is identical that of an unvaccinated person.

Based on what Dr. Fauci is saying a vaccinated person can spread the COVID virus at the same rate as someone who is unvaccinated, which would defeat the purpose since majority of people aren’t at risk of being severely affected by COVID in the first place.

A person who has no symptoms from COVID would presumably take the vaccine so they can’t transmit the virus to others who may be vulnerable. If you can still transmit the virus after the taking the vaccine, then the situation is still the same as when you were unvaccinated theoretically speaking.

The amount of circles CDC talks around themselves is one of the reasons why some people have stopped taking their guidelines seriously. If you look at the timeline of things they told everyone to wear masks, then told everyone to take a trial phase vaccine to not wear masks, then told people to wear masks again, because the COVID vaccine doesn’t work against the Delta Variant. All the while they keep getting richer through it all.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff