Social media is a gift and curse in today’s society. For most people it is main place they digest news from, which is scary considering most corporate news agencies frequently peddle misinformation for ulterior motives. For example during the pandemic many prominent news agencies promoted the narrative of vaccines stopping transmission of the COVID virus, which was proven to be completely false. It’s not just news agencies though, anyone can get on social media and fool people with a video and obscure caption. A perfect example is the viral crocodile in Maine Lake situation.

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How The Truth About the 29 Foot Crocodile Discovered in Maine Lake Shows the Power of Social Media

Recently footage went viral showing an alleged 29 foot man eating crocodile in Maine Lake. The virality of the video began after a tweet from popular Twitter user Tansu Yegen claimed it might be the biggest crocodile ever found. However, that crocodile is an animatronic from the set of the “Lake Placid” movie that was released in 1999. What’s crazy about that is in the footage you can clearly see people swimming right next to this giant beast, which should have been an easy give away that it wasn’t real. Still yet millions of people around the world have been fooled, and now it’s one of the most viral topics. Just on twitter the video has almost 10 million views.

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This cool video shows how engineers built the 29 foot crocodile seen in Maine Lake.

The moral of the story here is pretty clear. Don’t believe everything you see and read on social media without doing more research of your own. There was a 29 foot crocodile in Maine Lake, but it was a robot for a movie. In a way it’s real and fake at the same time.

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