White Girls Realized They All Dress The Same in Viral TikTok Video at Subway Station.

You ever had that moment where you’re driving your new car and realize that a lot people have your same car? That’s what happened when a white girl in a TikTok video realized white girls all dressed the same, from her point of view. Every white girl in the video she passed by had Jeans jackets and black pants, or some variation of the sort.

Take a look at the video.

Now you may say it’s an exaggeration, but after watching the viral video it’s hard to argue against this sentiment. It isn’t a bad thing either, the jeans jacket and black pants is a pretty spiffy combo.

However, it may have you thinking twice the next time you go clothes shopping and see a jeans jacket and black pants on sale. Especially if you happen to be a white girl.

Author: JordanThrilla