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Spirit Airlines Female Gang Brawl Fight Mid Flight Goes Viral

What would you do if you were 31,000 feet in the sky, and people on your plane starting throwing them bows? In most cases you would say that would never happen, because most people wouldn’t be crazy enough risk causing a airplane crash by duking it out in mid air. However, when it comes to Spirit Airlines they are truly the outlier.

A viral video shows a Spirit Airlines Gang fight happening mid flight as frightened passengers look on. It’s not clear what started the altercation, but you can see what looks like several people attack one person. From the looks of things it seems almost all the people involved in the altercation were women. People on plane had no idea what to do since they were stuck in the air.

Even for Spirit Airlines this female gang brawl mid flight is a nightmare scenario. Most of time when Spirit Airline fights take place it usually happens after the plane lands. For example take a look at this video below that details the recent string of altercations involving passengers from this same airline.

With a fight of this magnitude happening on the flight, how do you separate all those individuals until the plane lands? How do you get people proper medical attention before the plane lands? Most of all there’s the chance they could damage the plane causing it crash.

All in all it would make for a very awkward, dangerous, and volatile environment for everyone one on the plane. Spirit Airlines has the cheapest ticket prices, but also a tumultuous history of passengers fighting.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff