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The Mandela Effect of Haribo Green Gummy Bears Flavor is Going Viral

If you are a fan of Haribo gummy bears, you might have been surprised by a recent revelation that has been spreading on social media. The green gummy bears, which most people assumed were apple flavored because of their color, are actually strawberry flavored!

Is the Haribo Green Gummy Bears Flavor an Example of the Mandela Effect?

This discovery has shocked and confused many people who have been eating Haribo gummy bears for years. How could they have been so wrong about something so simple? How could they have missed the obvious clues on the packaging and the ingredients list? And why do they still taste like apple to some people?

The answer to these questions might lie in a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect, which is a term coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome to describe the situation when a large group of people share a false memory of something that never happened, or was different from reality. The name comes from the most famous example of this phenomenon: the death of Nelson Mandela.

Many people claim to remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, and even recall seeing his funeral on TV. However, Mandela actually died in 2013, after serving as the president of South Africa. Broome and others who share this memory believe that they are not mistaken or misinformed, but rather that they have experienced a shift in parallel realities or timelines.

The Mandela Effect has been used to explain many other examples of collective false memories, such as the spelling of the Berenstain Bears books (some people remember it as Berenstein), the color of Darth Vader’s lightsaber (some people remember it as blue), and the location of New Zealand on the map (some people remember it as being north of Australia).

The Mandela Effect is a fascinating phenomenon that shows how our memory and perception are not always reliable, and can be influenced by various factors. It also raises interesting questions about the nature of reality and our relationship with it. In this instance most people remember the Haribo Green Gummy bears being apple flavored, when in reality they were strawberry this whole time.

The last time a situation like this went viral it involved the spelling of HPNOTIQ.

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