The Mandela effect of HPNOTIQ being spelled HYPNOTIQ with a Y is going viral. Since the beginning of its inception the name of the popular alcoholic beverage has not often been talked about by the masses. It’s one those things that was always right there in front of us, but no one really ever paid attention to it until recently.

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Details on Why The Mandela Effect of HPNOTIQ being Spelled HYPNOTIQ with a Y is Going Viral

When people say the world might not be as it seems it never really crosses our minds that simple things in life sometimes prove that to be true. Our brains can make us believe we see things that we actually have never seen, and who knows maybe that’s proof of glitches in the matrix. It could even be proof that we live in a computer simulation, where programming actually controls our thoughts.

An example of that is how almost everyone thought HPNOTIQ had a Y in it. For the longest time most of us assumed that we were reading HYPNOTIQ on the label, when in fact we were not. The world had tricked us into believing what our brains wanted us to think we saw based on how the word is normally spelled. When a tweet pointed it out, people realized it was the powerful Mandela Effect. Before we explain exactly what the term means take a look at the viral tweet.

When a large number of people believe something incorrect, it can sometimes become reality even when the reality doesn’t exist, that is the Mandela Effect.

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In this case everyone thought HPNOTIQ had a Y in it, and in our minds it was spelled HYPNOTIQ. Low and behold there is no such as thing HYPNOTIQ, it was only created by the Mandela Effect.

A true red pill or blue pill moment.

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