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Did Antonio Brown Smash Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bundchen? Conspiracy Theory Gisele Bundchen Cheated with AB Trends after Cryptic Hugging Photo IG Post

Back in November of 2020 it was reported that Antonio Brown was living with Tom Brady inside the mansion he bought from Derek Jeter. It was allegedly part of his effort to make sure Bruce Arians signed him to their roster, which was a success. The 30,000 square foot mansion on Davis Island was the home of the two of top cogs of the Bucs Super Bowl championship squad. Now an old photo from their historic win has people wondering things were going on the behinds scenes with Antonio Brown and Tom Brady’s wife.

Was AB Smashing Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bundchen? Conspiracy Theory of Gisele Bundchen was Cheating with Antonio Brown Trends after Cryptic Hugging Photo Instagram Post

Considering that they lived in the same house, Antonio Brown must have gotten really close with his family including his wife Gisele Bundchen. Back then no one thought anything of it, because it seemed like a boundary even Antonio Brown wouldn’t cross, but what if he did? That’s the question going viral after a picture surfaced showing Antonio Brown hugging Tom Brady’s wife with their faces in very close proximity, and she was looking into his eyes, or so it seemed. The photo included a caption saying “Put that S*** on”.

This has fueled a conspiracy theory that Gisele Bundchen cheated on Tom Brady with Antonio Brown possibly while he was living in their house. Some people have gone as far as thinking it’s proof that Tom Brady is a cuckold. In some ways it seems like a reach to infer things that deep from a simple celebration photo, but you be the judge.

One of the main components that makes this conspiracy theory a bit believable is AB’s personality. Recently a video leaked where he exposed his private parts to a woman he allegedly had just met at a pool in Dubai. He reacted to the video by posting a message on twitter saying, “I’m telling every team that needs some offense to pick up AB, because he has shown that he still has the ability to expose a D”. He’s definitely not afraid of doing things you wouldn’t expect, plus he’s a well known ladies man.

Could the picture be proof Antonio Brown smashed Tom Brady’s wife? Was their marriage so dull that Gisele Bundchen cheated on Tom Brady with someone living in their house? Is it possible Tom Brady is a cuckold, which made him comfortable with having Antonio around his wife in their home? AB posting a picture with his wife definitely seems a bit cryptic, because surely he has other Super Bowl pictures he could have made the same post with. However, that picture was taken in the midst of celebrations, where everyone is hugging each other more intimately than on other occasions. People are probably looking too much into it given the rumors about Brady’s troubled marriage, but who knows crazier things have happened.