Will Sticking a Blunt in Your Ear Clean Earwax? Video of Ear Candling to Melt Ear Wax Goes Viral

Will sticking a blunt inside your ear clean earwax? When people think of ways to clean the inside of their ears they think of using a q-tip or maybe buying a cleaning kit from the store that uses water. However, there is apparently one method that involves using fire that may work better than any other method. The technique is called “ear candling”, which melts ear wax very efficiently.

How Do you Ear Candle you ear?

The name of this technique is pretty much describes the process, but not completely. The first step is to roll a hollow blunt using what looks like joint rolling paper. Since this is going inside your ear you want to make sure this hollow blunt is really long to avoid setting your hair on fire. Next you stick the hollow blunt inside your ear, then squeeze the outside of your outer ear to trap the heat produced in your ear canal. Slowly, but surely that heat will make your earwax melt into the hollow blunt.

Take a look at the ear candling video below for reference.

Look all that melted earwax below. As you can see it looks like a melted candle hence the name “Ear Candling”.

Will Sticking a Blunt in Your Ear Clean Earwax? Video of Ear Candling to Melt Ear Wax Goes Viral

In most cases this isn’t something you should at try at home, especially if you use hair products that are highly flammable.

If you want to use Ear Candling techniques to clean your earwax let a professional do it. Don’t go sticking a blunt in your ear just to see if this works.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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