Blueface Records Himself Invading Home and Knocking Out Man Who Knocked on His Girlfriend Door. Blueface assaults his girlfriend neighbor after recording himself breaking into home

In the world of crimes one of the rules people usually follow is not to record themselves committing a crime, but that apparently doesn’t apply if your name is Blueface. In a viral video Blueface recorded himself invading a home and assaulting his girlfriend’s neighbor.

Why Did Blueface Knockout His Girlfriend’s Neighbor?

Blueface beat up his girlfriend’s neighbor, because he knocked on her door when he didn’t know Blueface was there. It was seen as act of disrespect, so in return Blueface recorded himself breaking in to his home. If Police investigate this crime they won’t need any security camera footage, because Blueface already got it for them.

The video starts a few moments before Blueface breaks into the home by charging the front the door. Blueface then beats his girlfriend’s neighbor unconscious with the help of his entourage. All the while the owner of the home is yelling for help.

As aforementioned Blueface record himself committing the home invasion, just so the world will know he committed a crime. Is this another episode of self snitching? Take a look.

If the guy he assaulted presses charges it’s going to be tough for Blueface’s lawyer to make any case in defense. This could end up being an incident of clout chasing gone wrong.

Moral of the story is don’t knock on the door of Blueface or anyone he’s staying with if he doesn’t know you.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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