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Did Zias Hookup With Adin Sister on IG Live? Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Finds Out His Friend Zias Smashed His Sister on Livestream

Some people on social media are convinced that Zias smashed Adin Ross’ sister on IG Live. Usually there is unwritten pact between friends that sisters are always off limits.

However, every once in awhile there are people who go against the bro code, and cross the line of pursuing their good friend’s sibling. That’s what allegedly happened in the case where Twitch streamer Adin Ross found out his friend Zias smashed his sister during a livestream.

The sad part about this situation was the way Zias was rubbing it in Adin’s face that he smashed his sister. It was also sad to see the way his sister was all over Zias right in front of her brother Adin when he was obviously feeling down about the revelation.

Adin and Zias probably need to square up after that, but it seems pretty clear who would lose that fight.

On social media the jokes have been raining down as people roast Adin about this incident. Adin Ross could be trolling for attention though.

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