If you’ve been to college or are currently in college then you know all about sorority houses. At most colleges they are usually subliminally segregated with all the residents being one race. A YouTuber JiDionPremium decided to take advantage of this, and made a very interesting video that has since went viral.

Video: Single Black Man Sleeping Over at All White Sorority House Goes Viral

JiDionPremium’s sorority sleepover idea came to him while he was taking a dump on a toilet. He posted on his IG story that he wanted to make a video at a sorority house, and due to his fame he immediately got offers. Interestingly enough when the girl who contacted him asked her ‘Big’ if he can join their sorority sleepover, he eventually found out that she was friends with his friend’s girlfriend. One thing led to another the first video of a single black man sleeping over at a white sorority house was made. Skip to the 7 minute mark of the video.

This ended up being one of JiDionPremium’s most viral videos. Currently it has over 1 million views and over 90,000 likes. It’s safe to say people are very intrigued at the idea of a black man sleeping over with white sorority sisters. There were 14 women in the house he was at. The name of the sorority was never mentioned in the video.

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