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Video Showing Durag With Brim aka Durag Fitted Hat Goes Viral

Durags have been a staple of urban fashion since the beginning of time it seems like. Whether you’re wearing them to get those spinning waves, as a fashion statement, or just to protect your braids they come in handy for various reasons. The design of Durags hasn’t changed much over the years, until now.

Video Showing Durag With Brim Goes Viral

A viral video shows the moment a surprised customer found durags with brims inside a hair store. Just as the name entails this is basically a durag fitted hat. The design is basically self explanatory, it’s a normal durag but has hard bill protruding from the front to create a brim so it can also serve as a hat. Now you can shade your face from the sun while caring for your hair all at the same time.

What Company Makes Durags With Brims aka Durag Fitted Cap?

Based on the video the durag fitted hat style is made by a company called ‘King J’. They described the product as a ‘visor dome cap’. It seems to come in 4 different colors, which are silver, blue, green and purple, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches with your outfit. Take a look at these incredible brimmed durag hats in all their glory.

This is a breakthrough design, because many people already wear durags under their fitted hats. Now you longer need to buy these two items separately, which can save a lot of money. Durags with a brim seems like the polar opposite of the fitted caps without a brim that went viral awhile back.