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Someone’s AirBnb 2011 Toyota Sienna Mini Van Rental Goes Viral

Times are rough right now in America. There’s a recession, gas prices are up, the value of the dollar is decreasing, the crypto market is crashing, the job market is shrinking, just about everywhere you look things are not looking good financially. This has left some people very desperate to find new ways to make some extra cash without a lot overhead involved. For one person using an old mini van as an Airbnb was the answer, but now they are getting roasted for it.

Details about the 2011 Toyota Sienna Airbnb Mini Van Rental

One of the greatest aspects about Airbnb is that you are free to make a rental space out of almost anything imaginable. For example people buy cheap sheds from department stores, and turn them into lucrative studio rentals. Perhaps the craziest example is a person who listed a 2011 Toyota Sienna as an Airbnb rental in California. The Airbnb room is just the inside of a Toyota Sienna, which is a very spacious car, but not something the average person would want to spend a night in.

How Much is the Toyota Sienna AirBnB Per Night?

In a viral twitter thread a person who goes by @Aizehinomo revealed this strange Airbnb rental listing to the world. What stands out most is the person charging $100 per night for a Toyota Sienna Airbnb room. Apparently they do allow you to drive the van, but it allegedly had no working air conditioner and other mechanical issues. The listing strangely described the Toyota Sienna as ‘Camper RV’ with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Perhaps since the minivan was parked in the driveway of the owner’s house they let you use the bathroom inside their home, but the listing didn’t include any instructions pertaining to the restroom policy.

They turned the trunk into a bedroom by putting a mattress on the floor, and removing the backseats. The clean towels make it seem a bit luxury right?

Image Credit: @Aizehinomo/Airbnb

The mini-van is parked in the driveway of a decent looking residential area.

Image Credit: @Aizehinomo/Airbnb

@Aizehinomo roasted the Toyota Sienna Airbnb into a oblivion.

Image Credit: @Aizehinomo/Airbnb