Here is Why Jamaicans are Demanding Removal of LGBTQ Gay Pride Flag from US Embassy

The Gay Pride flag of the LGBTQ community is causing national controversy in Jamaica. News reports revealed that Jamaicans are demanding removal of the Gay Pride flag from the US Embassy building. The reasons behind their anger stem from many different core values.

Reason’s Why Jamaicans Demand Removal of Gay Pride Flag from US Embassy.

As aforementioned there seems to be a diverse array of personal reasons Jamaicans want the LGBTQ flag taken down from the US Embassy. One reason that stood out most was a Jamaican citizen who said the Gay Pride Flag was violating 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations “Article 3.1(e)” and “Article 20”. The man claimed US flying the Gay Pride Flag in Jamaica was an act of hostility towards their laws, culture, and democratic system.

Another reason came from a member of the Jamaican Coalition that allegedly feels that having a Gay Pride Flag on the US Embassy in Jamaica promotes life practices that threaten Jamaican culture, and go against the teachings of the Bible.

Perhaps the most harsh reason came from a Jamaican woman who said the Gay Pride flag represents “perverse $exual behaviors”, and “lifestyles choices that lead to disease and death”. She added it is her “Christian duty” to speak the truth and love. Her whole comment gave off those DaBaby rant at Rolling Loud Vibes.

As you can see in the video Jamaicans protesting the Gay Pride flag in front US Embassy were carrying signs saying “Stop Cultural Imperialism”, while others simply said “Take Down the LGBTQ flag”. This situation is epitome of a clash of cultures going either intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s possible the US Embassy is flying the Gay Pride Flag to make a political statement to the people of Jamaica. However, it’s also possible the US wasn’t aware that Jamaicans would react so negatively towards the LGBTQ Flag.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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