Is life fair? For most people their day to day life consists of waking up earlier than they want, going to a job they don’t like, answering to a boss they don’t like, going home tired, and waking up the next day to do it all over again. This continues until your body is broken down and too old to handle the stress then you retire. Even in retirement life can be hard, because many 9 to 5 jobs don’t pay enough for you have adequate life savings. In a viral video one TikTok user just couldn’t take it anymore, and had a mental breakdown.

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TikTok User Crying During His Lunch Break Goes Viral: ‘We Shouldn’t Have to Struggle This Hard’

In the emotional footage posted by TikTok user @detryckvondoom666, he was sitting in his car during lunch break when he started thinking about what his life consists of. The man started to cry while going on ‘we shouldn’t have to struggle this hard’ rant. He was feeling so bad about life he didn’t even want to go back into work.

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It’s not often you see a grown man cry like this on social media, so the impact of the video was very profound. He captioned the footage with a quote saying “I’ll regret this later, but idk right now I’mma feel what I feel”.

In some cases posting a video like that on social media could lead to a person losing their job, which might be why he said he would regret letting the world know how he felt.

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With that said sometimes people need to hear things like this, so they know that they aren’t the only one who doesn’t understand why society is built the way it is.

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